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On this page we will try to keep you informed and up to date on terms and techniques we use in our practice, as well as useful websites related to Occupational Therapy.

 (After you sign in to your free account, check out the following topics of interest:

"Using a Sensory Diet with Children with Sensory Processing Disorder"

"Feelings, Nothing More than Feelings: Sensory Integration in the Classroom"

"What is Sensory Defensiveness?"

"Put it to Paper: Tips for Parents to Improve a Child's Writing Skills"

...and many others!)

  • For more information on products we utilize and/or recommend:
  1. Kaliana's Natural Formulas to promote optimum mood & behavior:
  2. Nordic Naturals vitamins and
  • KidsAbilities has had a long-term relationship with Teressa Tucker of Kids Rein, a Therapeutic Horseback Riding facility. They have recently relocated to Latta Plantation. To learn more, visit
  • To learn more about Therapeutic Listening, visit
  • For more information about the Brain Gym program and exercises, visit their website at
  • A great resource for families with exceptional children in the Lake Norman area is They list local information on activities, programs, professionals, parent support, etc.
  • To learn more about Sensory Processing Disorder, visit

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