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KidsAbilities is a private specialty pediatric Occupational Therapy practice with a Sensory Integrative approach. We are located in the University Area Charlotte, NC, (7735 Beaker Ct., Charlotte, 28269) We treat children from birth to age 21 in individualized one-on-one sessions, utilizing the latest therapeutic tools, including "Brain Gym", "Therapeutic Listening" and "Astronaut Training". Diagnoses treated include but are not limited to Autism, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Cerebral Palsy and Sensory Processing Disorder.

We offer comprehensive evaluations, assessing areas including Sensory Processing, Fine and Gross Motor skills, handwriting, visual perceptual functioning and more. We typically work individually with children; small groups are also available at times. Your child will receive treatment individualized to focus directly on his/her specific needs.

Contact us today at 704-503-1117 to see how we can make a difference in your child's life!

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